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Cortile interno dell'Archiginnasio di Bologna

All around Anusca Palace Hotel…

We love our territory and we are ready to satisfy your culture appetite. Ask directly to us to organize your guided tours: we will suggest different original routes to discover a fantastic surrounding.

A trip inside Emilian tradition

These places host a rich cultural tradition that is lives again every year in a festive and irreplaceable manner.

Castel San Pietro Terme

Brushed by the river Sillaro, on the border between Emilia e Romagna, Castel San Pietro Terme is a lovely little thermal medieval town.
Besides the suggestive historic centre you could visit the cripta di Varignana (Varignana Crypt), one of the fewest pre Roman building in the Bologna province. It is located under the S. Lorenzo church from the eighth century and it is been entiraly restructured in 1999. Inside there is a statue: Madonna with the baby, remembering Jacopo della Quercia manner.

Visit to wine companies in vineyard

The vast territory of Emilia Romagna put his attention to vineyards. Several wineries have a long history and they have the pleasure to host visitors curious about it.

Mount… in mountain bike

These territories are the perfect occasion for the cycling activities. The towns on the hills offer a beautiful background for adventures and every kind of outing.

Golf Club Le Fonti

The hotel overlooks a green area of the river Sillaro: several routes start from here for jogging and mountain-bike.


In Bologna, a visit to the historic centre and to the symbols of the city is a must: beginning with the Nettuno Fountain, Piazza Maggiore, the Stock Exchange Hall, D’Accursio Palace, San Petronio Cathedral, King Enzo Palace and many more. All this contibute to make Bologna a very rich city.


From 1960 The “Rocca” belongs to the Common and it is been made as an open Home Museum. It is the heart and symbol of the town. This presence conditioned the pattern of the buildings in Dozza, a castle town that keeps his historic memory.

In Dozza you will find Enoteca Regionale where you can discover the vines of our tradition. History, characteristics and curiosity of these products won’t make you forget how delightful is the way to enjoy them pairing them with the right food


You can reach Imola through the Emilia Road in fifteen minutes, where you can visit the famous Rocca Sforzesca, Tezzoni Palace, and the San Domenico Museums or going for the Autodrome. The circuit is at the forefront for flexibility and functionality being able to host not only cars and motorcicle events but music concerts and cultural events too. The autodrome is useful for several services, first of all for car tests made by the most prestigious car and motorcicle companies.


Ferrara is a not-to-be-missed stop for those who love art and culture. Well known for the Renaissance buildings by the Este family, the Estense Castle, Diamond Palace, Ferrara National Art Gallery and a breathe taking cathedral.


Ravenna is a chest art for history and culture, with ancient roots and a glorious past. The cultural offer is rich and diversified thanks to a deep net of museum structures included in the list of Unesco World Heritage. The territory presents wide country side where to grow fruit trees, plus canals and valleys, secular pine forest overlooking sand beaches.