Beauty Space - Diego dalla Palma

June 16 - Opening event

Beauty Space

Targeted treatments for a
high-definition body.

Diego dalla Palma Professional Space is much more than a cabin: it’s a seductive environment, a multi-sectarian universe. Essential, elegant and very Italian design enhances the value of the services offered, loyalty, in love with treatments and envelops customers in an exclusive world that makes them the protagonists of special attention.

The furniture is original and designed by innovative lines, in complete consistency with brand style. It is no coincidence that it is protected by an exclusive patent that makes each environment unique and untraceable.


Beauty trails – Whitelight™

The solution to restore brightness to the face and counteract dark spots, with a powerful anti-aging effect. Cell bio-revitalization and re-harmonization of the production of melanin pigment for a more uniform incarnation and a younger and radiant appearance. Reinforced with PRO WHITE B-SPHERES.

WHITELIGHT ™ delivers every new light skin with personalized programs for specific and targeted responses to give the skin brightness and a younger, radiant look to counteract the presence of dark spots and wrinkles, with intense action for a more homogenous and vital incarnate .

Effectiveness confirmed by clinical and instrumental studies conducted on Caucasian and Asian skin.

Make up

Make up Collection – Spring/Summer 2017

Colored, eclectic and professional, dedicated to make-up woman wants brightness, perfection and tightness. Inspired by overseas trends: perfect eyebrows and matte lip for a velvet effect. Waterproof performance formulas. Sun-kissed face for an impeccable glow result for a modern and dynamic look.