Anusca Gravel 1

The first and easiest Anusca gravel route, designed for gravel bikes, is 50 km long for a 860 metres ascent on the whole route. Everything starts with the departure from Castel San Pietro train station, where a train equipped for bike transport will carry us right to the Bologna city centre.

The first part of the route is a short ride through Bologna main squares and monuments, like Nettuno square and San Petronio. This path gradually brings us out of the city, and continues in the direction of the famous Bologna Hills to enjoy a fabulous view of the entire city.

We keep riding through a cared for and yet luxuriant landscape, and we cross the Savena river valley and the Idice river valley, without walking on the most known and busiest link roads, like the Via Emilia. From Bologna to Ozzano town, nature dominates everywhere, including the wonderful Gessi (chalks) natural park and the gullies that alternate with lush vegetation.

On our route we’ll meet several interest points, such as Castel de’ Britti and Varignana with their ancient towers, and we’ll stop for a pleasant break in the open air and a snack. Getting closer and closer to Castel San Pietro, we immerse ourselves in the vineyards of the most appreciated wineries of our city.

Once near the Sillaro river, we’ll ride back to the Hotel, bringing with us abundant food for thought: every point of interested along the path can suggest your next excursion or a gastronomic tasting. A route made to join the best from Bologna city centre to the peace and greenery of its surroundings.

The Anusca Gravel 1 Path can be requested at the Hotel by each client and lived in total autonomy, but we recommend to book a group tour together with the stay: have at your side an expert guide who knows every aspect of these places, will really make a difference.