Anusca Gravel 2

The Anusca Gravel 2 route requires a greater physical committment than our Gravel 1 route. However, it is designed to be carried out by all those who don’t fear a bit of physical effort. The journey time is between 3 and 4 hours, for a total of 55 km and 1490 meters ascent.

The itinerary develops around Castel San Pietro Terme, enjoying the ride among the soft hills that lead to the small town of Liano. We continue along the panoramic road that leads to Monte Calderaro, a mountain formation of great natural interest and home to the “dragons”, small geysers of volcanic origin.

From the top of Monte Calderaro we descend to reach the Sillaro Valley, among chestnut woods and panoramic views of the Bolognese plain. We do so by following a different road, the “Boston By Way”: the road connecting the trenches built by the Allied forces during the Second World War. The road, rich in points of interest, reaches Fiagnano, with its bell tower on the edge of a particularly eroded and picturesque canyon.

We’ll cycle along the ridge of the Santerno river, towards Imola. We’ll stop to discover the small streets and the painted walls of Dozza. This village is considered among the most beautiful in Italy, and through time it became a meeting point for many artists from all over the world, who have honored it with their mural paintings. The great medieval fortress of Dozza is the seat of the Regional Wine Cellar of Emilia Romagna, located right on the border between Emilia and Romagna, perhaps to appease the unforgotten rivalries between those two areas of our region.

From Dozza we finally descend towards Castel San Pietro. The roads from Dozza to the Hotel allow you to gaze at the fields, the river and the clock tower, while we arrive at our destination through the park along the Sillaro river.

The Anusca Gravel 1 Path can be requested at the Hotel by each client and lived in total autonomy, but we recommend to book a group tour together with the stay: have at your side an expert guide who knows every aspect of these places, will really make a difference.