Anusca Road 1

Anusca Road 1 is the longest and most challenging of the three cycling tours proposed so far by our Hotel. This itinerary is designed for the satisfaction of the road cyclist, with a larger radius and a carefully designed route to avoid traffic and follow well-paved roads. The route is about 95 km long with a total of 2400 meters of elevation gain.

Starting from the Hotel, we’ll cross the territory of Castel San Pietro and the vineyards just outside the city, going up to the village of Varignana. Here you can discover the ancient crypt dating back to the year 1000 AD, appreciate the view from the promontory of the Tower of Varignana and enjoy the splendid panorama.

We continue deeper and deeper into the hilly territory, first towards Castel de’ Britti, and then towards Settefonti. Every place here has a story: in the case of Settefonti, the legend tells of the love between the Abbess of the local abbey and an officer stationed in the area during the fight between Guelphs and Ghibellines. The legendary beauty of the Abbess is remembered every year with the historical re-enactment of the Ozzano Abbess Festival.

From Settefonti we head to the top of Monte Calderaro, so called because of the presence of small geysers of volcanic origin. The bucolic context, which alternates thick woods with ridges and panoramic open spaces, accompanies us to the summit of Fiagnano, with its unique gullies and its clock tower. The return cannot be separated from a visit to Dozza, with its painted walls and its beautiful fortress, home to the Enoteca Regional Emilia-Romagna.

From Dozza we finally descend towards Castel San Pietro. The road follows the ridge allowing us to embrace with our eyes the fields, the river and the clock tower, before reaching and finding the well-deserved rest and refreshment in our Hotel.

The Anusca Road 1 path can be requested at the Hotel by each client and lived in total autonomy, but we recommend to book a group tour together with the stay: have at your side an expert guide who knows every aspect of these places, will really make a difference.