Gym and Pool opening

It’s June: the season is excellent, the rules allow more freedom and Anusca Palace can finally reopen its gym and its pool to external customers. Here is everything you need to restart with your favourite workout, or relax between a dip and a tanning session.

When, how and how much

The official reopening is from Thursday, June 3. The gym reopens from 9:00 to 21:00, seven days a week. Within these hours, minus the time needed to prepare deck chairs and umbrellas, the pool opens from 10:00 to 20:00.

The daily entry to the swimming pool costs 15 € from Monday to Friday, and 22 € during the weekend. The price includes sunbed and umbrella, although both are subject to exhaustion. Also for this reason we invite you to always book first – booking remains mandatory to access the services.

The gym has many new proposals this year, and prices vary depending on the chosen services. In addition to the well known Personal Training and Open Gym services, this year we’re going to host many new group courses. We’ll describe some of them below, but we recommend to contact the gym directly for all the details.

Lastly, access to the gym and swimming pool is included for all those who book a Suite, or alternatively, by purchasing one of our promos here. The hosts who book a Suite will also have included beach towel, bathrobe and slippers. A useful set not only for Hotel hosts, but also for last minute escapes: what if you’re away from home and you have little time, but you would take a break and a dip? With a little extra we’ll give you all you need for the pool.

The new classes

The gym will restart with three new classes. The new courses will be held on the large terrace above the garden and the pool.

Functional Training: functional training is based on natural body movements, and is therefore functional to daily life. While working with a free body and without weights, it acts deeply on the muscles, defining them without weighing them down.

Hatha Yoga: this traditional yoga doctrine allows an improvement in muscle tone and postural correctness, without putting in the background the overall health and energy level of body and mind.

Postural Gym: our course proposes a set of exercises aimed at improving muscle balance and posture. Adopting a correct posture and being aware of our body is the basis of a healthy life.

Several other courses will be activated from August, in order to vary the disciplines without losing our spirit: easy, accessible, funny activities with highly qualified personnel to give you both fun and results.