Oval Room


The Oval room is for smaller meeting for a maximum of 20 people with an oval table. Big windows lights up beautifully the ambient.

Anusca Palace Hotel ensures a wide and organised reception office desk supporting conference and material distribution.

Just a few steps from the rooms, Gastarea Restaurant offers top practicality and certainty to prepare for your guests the right reception for your event. We are at your disposal for lunch and dinner and brunch, aperitifs and outdoor catering service.



  • Size: 7,85 m x 6 m
  • Height: 3,20 m
  • Area: 47 sqm
  • Max seating: 20 people

Included Services

  • Internet LAN and speedy Wi – Fi
  • Flipchart

Extra Services

  • Organizing secretary and interpreting
  • Laptop
  • Mobile sound system
  • Transfer service to the main interesting sites.
  • Coffee break, brunch and lunch arrangements
  • Purchase and booking for plane and train tickets