Would you like to enrich your stay with new experiences of wellness and happiness? Anusca Palace Hotel is ready to welcome you with our entire range of wellness proposals, including a large, uncrowded Spa.

Just past the Hotel gate, the Thermal Baths of Castel San Pietro bring water and wellness together since 1870. Our local thermal waters have therapeutic properties to address specific conditions (arthritis, respiratory and dermatological conditions).

Indoor Pool

With its 8 x 8 metres (and 1.25 m depth), the indoor pool allows you a good swim in every season, or maybe rest beside the pool while enjoying the garden view.

Water Massages

Both SPA pools are equipped with water jets for neck massage. The smaller pool, 6×2 m, was designed for the ultimate relaxation in loving company.


Saunas are great for getting rid of toxins through sweating, stimulating circulation and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Last but not least, it will make you feel good.

Turkish Bath

Born from the fusion of Latin and Arabic culture, the Turkish Bath brings us back to the intimate connection between water, the spiritual world and authentic wellness.

Chromotherapy Showers

Emotional showers offer a treatment that mixes sounds, scents, lights and – of course – water. Its effect is pleasant, revitalising and deeply relaxing at the same time.

Herbal Tea Spot

Take a deck chair and sip a herbal tea to restore the body between a dip and a steam bath. If you fall asleep you can wake up later, and feel like you’re home – except there are people here to serve you.