Why choose us?

Anusca Palace is a place of tranquility, surrounded by green. The lake beside the Hotel with its many species of birds are splendid at sunset. The spacious Park with the Sillaro river running through, lends itself easily to pleasant walks. A few minutes away, the Cai country paths and hills offer a sea of possibilities.


Strategic Position

The A14 Motorway and the Via Emilia are among the major axis of Emilia Romagna, and they both pass through Castel San Pietro. That's why from here it's simple to reach any location in our Region and in Italy in general.

Bologna: THE Italian hub

Bologna is one of the main logistic hubs of Italy. Its Exhibition Centre, its Airport, its University, its access routes make it a natural bridge for both North and South of Italy.

Live Bologna, not its flaws

Bologna is great for business, culture and fun, but can be noisy and busy. With us you can sleep well, wake up in the greenery, park easily and enjoy the city with public or private transport.

Top notch, hassle-free events management

Events organization can be tough: where to eat, where to stay, moving people between locations. With us you have a Hotel for the stay, a Restaurant which also does banqueting, Meeting rooms and plenty of leisure facilities.


Next to... everything

The tuscan–Emilian Apennines, the Adriatic coast with the Romagna Riviera, Imola with its F1 race track, Ferrara with its museums, Bologna and its unique history and culture: all this is less than an hour drive away.

Love sports? You'll love the place

Golf, tennis, basketball, soccer and beach volley are the main sport facilities within 1 km from the Hotel, but there are plenty of parks for any kind of activity and if you love cycling or motocross, your options are unlimited.

Beauty, culture, history are everywhere

We may not be Venice, but there's so much to discover here. UNESCO sites, medieval fortresses, natural wonders, tasting tours, unique museums, even more unique landscapes... and we're still just scratching the surface.

High quality, affordable rates

We work hard to give you more quality. From the most important services to the most basic, from the restaurant to the finer details dedicated to the Suites, we seek to do our best to give our clients a better service at the right price.